Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fox And Obel - Some Of Their Creations Are Works Of Art!

Fox and Obel is perhaps one of the best gourmet specialty shops in Chicago. After we run on Saturday, I like to stop in and check out all of the interesting creations. Some of them are sheer works of art! I'm on a budget so I can't shop there - their prices are high but their quality is definitely worth it if you can splurge.

This morning, we had breakfast at their café. You order and when your food is ready, they bring it to you. It did not take more than 10 minutes before it was served.

The menu was limited and the prices were average for a breakfast in Chicago. The food was really good and the chicken sausages and potatoes are definitely something I could do again. Their coffee needs improvement but nothing that a lot of cream could not mask.

They have an Atrium in the back with large windows overlooking the river. It was sunny, quiet and we agreed that the atmosphere was so relaxing it was a great place to share breakfast.

At night, the Atrium is turned into a wine bar. Themed wine flights are the perfect answer for the prominent, yet undecided, palate. They have three 3 oz. pours of everything from Sparkling Wines to California Reds.

I did not have my camera with me and shot this with a little point and shoot and it is awful but I wanted you to see the chicken sausages and potatoes.

Fox and Obel is at 401 E Illinois.

Bon Appetit!