Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mezza - Overloaded And Healthy

Mezza is a small "fast food" chain in Chicago that serves “Fresh For Life” food – many of which are Pitas, Wraps or Salads. The portions are so generous that you can get two meals out of one pita which means that each meal is about $3.00.Their focus is on Mediterranean food, and they offer lots of pitas and wraps with fresh chicken, steak, and veggies.

My favorite is the lamb and beef pita but yesterday I ordered the spicy chicken for a change of pace. I also like the fact that they overload everything with vegetables. You get more than your daily dose when you order a lunch here.

You can find a Mezza at 520 N Michigan – 4th floor food court, 2 N Riverside Plaza on Madison and the River, 181 West Madison or inside Illinois Center at 233 North Michigan Avenue.

Definitely good quality, healthy food at a very reasonable price.

Don’t forget to ask for their frequent diner card. If you buy 10 lunches, you get the 11th one FREE!

Bon Appetit!