Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mexico's Tonola Market

I learned to really love Mexican food when I lived in Guadalajara. I often ate out of street carts and in the markets because that was all that I could afford at the time. I never got sick eating food off the street. I avoided the downside of being a gringa by watching which carts and stands got the most local traffic…and followed their lead.

I also discovered photography and the markets of Tonola never fail to inspire me.
Year after year, I continue to go back and some of my favorite vendors are still there.
I like the fact that you can go to almost any place in the market and find something you’ve not seen before. There are so many local artisans and each take great pleasure in the amazing things that they create or grow.

I still have a lot to learn from Mexico, especially about cooking. This is why local cooking schools are so amazing. You will perhaps get a chef who grew up cooking beside his mother and will take you to local markets and teach you all about seasonal and local sources and then have a recipe for something that you can’t find in any cookbook or for that matter on the internet. In fact, it was probably one that was created by his great grandmother and the chefs in his family wouldn’t even dream of trying to perfect it because it is already perfect!

Go to the source and it will encourage you to become the best chef you can be.

It’s that simple!

Bon Appetit!