Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Shack

Eat & Drink…the little green “shack” at 212 W Randolph makes Asian specialties including stir fries which are fresh to order. You can tell them to make any dish with has less oil, less salt, more spicy, lots of veggies – any way you want it… and they have the most extensive menu.

Have they been shut down by the sanitation department? It’s entirely possible…likely perhaps but please don’t tell me why.

Order at the counter, pay attention to your request being repeated in Chinese to the staff, and you have your food in an instant.

Don't let the exterior deter you. The food from this place is good and believe it or not they are open on Sundays. Who is actually open in Chicago on a Sunday in the loop?

It’s really a takeout place because there are only a few dine in spots to fight over - 2 tables with 2 chairs each. I have actually never eaten in.

They make everything from Kung Pao Chicken to Orange Beef to the Egg Foo Young- and by the way, it’s like the Egg Foo Young I use to love from the Nankin Cafe in Minneapolis.

They also assemble a stir fried sweet and sour tofu which I know people swear by along with "hot dog fried rice"…which is claimed to be the most popular dish on the menu.

Bon Appetit!