Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Markets Of Argyle Street

Called new Chinatown or Little Saigon, the Uptown area around Argyle and Broadway serves up a blend of both ethnic Chinese and Southeast Asian culture. And when you add in the French colonial influence, it even richer.

I have found so many wonderful ethnic grocery stores on Argyle. You could spend an entire day here and still not discover all of their contributions to the local food scene.

Although the manager was not happy that I wanted to photograph her market, the merchandise was inexpensive and just what you wanted to take home to cook up a great Vietnamese meal.

Yes, she finally got over it and now considers me one of her best customers.

If I had my choice of shopping in an ethnic market or shopping at a chain grocery store, I would unquestionably pick the ethnic market. Outside of the important need to support your local market, the biggest draw for me is that I can get about the same number of ingredients for HALF the price…and we LOVE half price!

Bon Appetit