Sunday, July 18, 2010

Body Image

My mother raised me right. I never heard her once say, 'I feel fat.' She was proud of the fact that she had great legs – she knew it - and nobody ever told her otherwise.

She was always a bit overweight but she had a great body image. It was OK to have curves back then…in fact, if you didn’t have curves you were doomed.

In the late 50’s, I don’t remember a lot of really overweight people. In fact, we weren't a weight challenged nation until just recently. Back then, we had mom’s cooking and little else until Kentucky Fries Chicken came along. There were casseroles, fruit cups, meat loaf, waffles and Cheez Whiz. I could never quite get into the Cheese Whiz.

I never particularly loved any of the food that was available then and neither did my mother who considered cooking an obligation…between loads of laundry and dishes. It was my dad who loved to cook and that suited my mother just fine!

So to my mom, who cooked through decades of ho-hum and managed to keep everyone in the household happy thank you for never making me feel that being a little overweight or underweight had anything to do with my self-worth.

Bon Appetit!