Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Great Taste of Tequila With Liqueurs

Last week, resident Tequila expert, César Mascorro Pérez, brought you a bouquet of drink recipes to get you through the summer. This week, we bring you Tequila with Liqueurs...which César says make the most delicious and entertaining drink combinations.
To understand the difference, the most reliable guide to classification is that liqueurs contain added sugar, but spirits do not. Many Liqueurs are featured and some of them combine the two great Mexican classics of Tequila and Kahlua.I love Kahlua and often use it in both baking and BBQ.

Another Mexican classic is Reserva del Senor Almendrado, which is an almond flavored tequila and will absolutely win you over on your first sip.

My favorite drink name: Fat On A Bike!

Salud Y Buen Apetito!


1 Part Coffee Liquor

2 or 3 Parts Cream or Milk

Pour the Coffee and Cream or full cream milk into a short glass (ice optional) and stir.

Kahlua Cognac

1 Part Coffee Liquor

1 Part Cognac

Pour the two ingredients into a brandy or cognac glass and enjoy. Great as an after dinner liqueur.

Kahlua Cream Soda

2 Parts Kahlua

1.5 Parts whipping cream

4 Parts Soda Water

Pour Kahlua and whipping cream into a cocktail mixer and shake thoroughly. Strain mixture into a tall glass and then add soda water. Best consumed with a straw.

Kahlua Cockroach

1 Part of Kahlua

1.5 Parts Tequila

Pour the Tequila and Kahlua into a glass, and (optionally) set on fire with a lighter. If you light it, pop a straw in the glass and drink! Otherwise this can be enjoyed slowly, on its own or as an after dinner liqueur. The Tequila thins the texture of the Kahlua and gives it a little "bite”.


1/2 shot peppermint schnapps

1/2 shot amaretto

Layer in shot glass


1 shot Reserva del señor Reposado

3/4 shot Almendrado

1/4 shot cointreau

2 shots orange juice

2 bar spoons nutella

Add Nutella and Cointreau into a boston glass, stir until it makes a paste. Add rest of ingredients and ice and shake thoroughly.Double strain into martini glass and garnish with chocolate shavings!!


1 shot vodka

1 shot Almendrado

1 shot Reserva del Señor Añejo

1 shot orange juice

Stir, Sieve and serve

Mexican Way

¾ Ounces Almendrado

1 Ounce Reserva del Señor Blanco

½ Ounce malibu

½ Ounce coconut cream

½ Ounce lime juice

¾ Ounces apple juice

¾ Ounces orange juice

¾ Ounces pineapple juice

½ Ounce cherry brandy

Prepare the shaker with full of ice, put all the ingredients and shake it vigorously within 8 to 10 seconds and strain into highball glass with full of ice. Garnish with orange wheel and Pineapple slice and cherry. Top up with cherry brandy

New Decade

1 shot vodka

2 shots gold Tequila

1 shot Almendrado

1 Can red bull

1 Lemon Slice

Mix and serve over ice.


1 shot blackberry brandy

1/2 shot Reserva del Señor Silver

1/2 shot Almendrado

Combine and mix with a little tonic or soda and fresh cherries.

Mr. Pancho

1 oz almendrado

1 oz Tequila añejo

No shaker, just shuffle


2 shots peach schnapps

1 shots martini

1 shot Triple Sec

1 shot Almendrado

Fill rest of glass up with orange juice

2 maraschino cherry

Add spirits first then add orange juice. Shake with ice, decorate using the cherries


¼ shot triple sec

¼ shot peach schnapps

¼ shot Almendrado

½ shot Reserva del Señor Reposado

½ shot southern comfort

Fill up with equal parts of orange juice and cranberry juice

Fill high ball glass with ice, add all ingredients in shaker, shake well and pour in high ball glass garnish with cherry.

Mexican Mafia

¾ Ounce Almendrado

¾ Ounce tequila silver

Shake ingredients and serve.

Fat On A Bike

1 oz amaretto

1 oz tequila

2 oz coke

Mix and serve over ice.

The Turtle

1 shot peach schnapps

1 shot triple sec

1 shot Blue Curacao

1 shot Malibu

1 shot Almendrado

1 shot martini

Top up with grapefruit juice

Shake with ice and pour into cocktail glass rimmed with sugar