Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lake Bluff Farmers Market

Friday is market day in Lake Bluff. It’s a small market, not nearly the size or stature of Green City Market or the Evanston Farmers Market, but I love the feeling when people I know meet in the early morning hours to share coffee and talk about food. It’s absolutely my feel-good-foodie-experience of the week!

What I really like most about farmers markets is the access to growers who bring a variety of magnificent produce to our marketplace each week. What a gift!

I read an article this week that said produce you buy at a Farmers market travels an average of 50 miles whereas produce you buy in a grocery chain takes a trek of at least 1,500 miles. This is not rocket-science to figure out that your freshest buy is at a local market. The vendor I bought cabbage from told me that they picked it yesterday so how fresh is that? From the ground to my table in two days.

Here are some of the things that arrived fresh at our market this week.

I think bread is more magic than cooking! ~
CupCakes and CrabLegs on the Necessity Bread Company’s remarkable ability to deliver high quality, beautiful breads to foodies like you and me every week.

Mirai (pronounced Me-RYE) corn next week and here is what breeding scientist J. David Mackenzie had to say about the ever so sweet Mirai:

“One thing that's important about Mirai is the texture. The skin is what you first sense when you bite into corn. The difference between Mirai and traditional sweet corn is the difference between a pear and an apple. If you've only had apples, and then take a bite of pear, it changes the whole experience. Your teeth slide through a pear with no resistance. This corn is so tender you hardly need teeth.”

...And I am still laughing over that one!

Bon Appetit!