Sunday, July 11, 2010

Detox---Fast Fad or Focused Fix?

About a week ago, I woke up and suddenly felt my age. OUCH! I’ve been so busy being healthy I hadn’t noticed.

I have been writing this blog since last September and perhaps the excuse to eat has finally caught up with me. Life was great in the fast lane until my body decided to beg for a break. And it has…it’s giving me an SOS and screaming OVERLOAD.

Just like when I cheat on the weekends, I need to take a vacation from “the good life.” It’s time for a short detox.

Now detox is a dirty word in most foodie circles but I was open to weighing my options and decided to take the plunge on Saturday, July 17th and see if the Fast Track Detox Diet created by Ann Louise Gittleman does it for me. My friend Bonnie is going on it with me.

Yes, you’ll probably find more posts on hunger pains in these 11 days than you will about weekend cheats. You will love all the seasonal fruits and vegetable recipes because I am already looking and it’s the perfect time to give you amazing recipes with so much in season right now.

Is detox a fad or a fix? For me, it’s a breather. Just a time out from the day-to-day crazies to give myself a little love. And I need a little love right now.

I’ve looked at a lot of detox plans and scores of them are brutal. Can I go 14 days without eating? That would be an definite NO!

The Fast Track Detox sounds like the perfect line of attack for me –7 days of healthy eating, 1 day of fast and 3 days to prep your body for “real food” again. I wonder what real food will taste like after 11 days away and if I will have this unmanageable desire to devour everything in sight that has lots of calories and fat?

My friend Diana, who is one of the leading authorities on Raw Food warned me to take it slow. Like everything, including exercise, slip into it.

Close your eyes and dive in – that’s my motto. I’ve never really been good about taking sound, expert advice on anything but I do respect it.

Many of my friends are already making bets that I will not survive…after all, I love food and my glass of wine at night. That will be the hardest thing to give up – the Kendall Jackson.

I feel skinny just thinking about it but I better not think too long or I’ll be knocking at Gerhard’s door looking for a Caramel Feuilletine.

Bon Appetit!