Sunday, May 16, 2010

BBQ Pork

I cooked these country ribs all day in my crockpot and grilled them for a few minutes on the BBQ when I got home.

This was such an easy dinner and served with a lettuce wedge, it made for another meal I put together in under 30 minutes…not counting the time in the crockpot.

Often, when I get home, I don’t feel like cooking. This is what’s so great about your crockpot – it slow cooks for you all day and when you get home, you can sit down and eat with very little prep time in the kitchen.

And from being in the slow cooker all day, it’s usually falling–off-the-bone and why don’t I use this every night remarkable!

Try using a crockpot once a week. It will so spoil you!

Bon Appetit!