Friday, May 7, 2010

Lilacs: Flowers Of My Childhood Past

One thing that I recall as a kid was the flowering hedge on the back side of our house. The hedge was full of lilacs and I can still remember the smell of them just by closing my eyes.They will always be my favorite flower...the flower of my childhood past.

I remember picking lilacs and giving them to my mom on Mother’s Day. She was so appreciative even though she knew that we picked them from our own backyard. Mothers are great like that – aren’t they?

I also remember lilacs being the May Day flower when my sister Mary crowned the Blessed Virgin and all of us looked on in bliss… and total envy.

And that’s why I fell into the smell today that I take with me summer after summer and it was a childhood that was so perfect I almost forgot to stop and smell the lilacs.