Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chareeb Nawaz - Devon Avenue

The last time I was down on Devon Avenue, I passes by this restaurant called Chareeb Nawaz at 2032 West Devon Avenue. It’s a 24 hour place, the d├ęcor is minimal and it was packed. Now I know why. This is where the natives go to eat.

The man next to me was chowing down a plate of Halwa Puri, the traditional breakfast of Pakistan – a mix of sweet halwa, spicy chick peas and hot cruncy puris. Honestly, if I hadn’t already ordered, I would have tried it because it looked delicious.

I ordered the Frontier Chicken and Naan. The serving size was plenty for 2-3 people so imagine that I could not even eat half of this. It was a ideal combination of spice that had just enough kick to remind me I was not eating in Lake Bluff anymore.

I really loved the food but also the price. Where else can you eat in Chicago for $4.50 and take home leftovers?

Bon Appetit!