Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Wienery - Minneapolis

This is definitely the "dive" in the "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives". A hang over breakfast? They’ll serve it up in a Minneapolis minute and toss on an extra side of slaw – that’s right, you’re having slaw for breakfast.
The grill is a one man show and even on a busy day can produce out of the ordinary meals because anything you order is just that. Every standard is customized to your taste so get ready for a memorable lunch whether you smother it with chili or top it with cole slaw or a fried egg.

Super teeny- tiny (I could hardly get my immediate family squeezed into the joint and only the most daring of the bunch were there) and unscrubbed, the chairs are torn and the place is only more or less up to code but that’s what makes it endearing.

The menu…a tasty variety of freshly prepared dogs and burgers and the price is right…$28 for 4 and we had a lot of everything off the menu.

Our favorites: The Italian sausage and the cheese fries.

Dive in at 414 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis.

Bon Appetit!