Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flash Taco

Flash Taco is located at 1540 N Damen Avenue (Between Milwaukee Ave and North Ave)

Flash Taco’s ratings are all over the board so here goes mine … besides Authentic!:

Charming, little (the size of my bedroom – honestly), Mexican colorful, folk art straight out of Day of The Dead, great steak tacos for $2.25…just like the taqueria in Toluca…dollar menu (hey- what do you expect for a dollar but a taco this small) Probably a GREAT place to go after drinking…would have definitely been my place back in the day.

Speak Spanish to the staff and you’ll NEVER get a bad meal! Pretty sure that I’ll stop there again.I don't really get the 2 star reviews at all…maybe from people who don’t know what real Mexican is all about.

Bon Appetit!