Monday, April 12, 2010

Opening Day At The New Wrigley Field!

Having worked Wrigley last year, I was so surprised to see all of the new renovations today.

Restrooms have been expanded and upgraded (Yipee!), enhanced food offerings (including bison burgers and hot dogs from the Ricketts family’s Wyoming ranch) and an upscale private club – the PNC Club of Chicago - carved out of six skyboxes on the third base line. It will give 71 fans food and drink service, indoor/outdoor seating, parking and club access. I also love the fact that they added these photos of the players surrounding the famous Wrigley sign.

A more open feeling to the lower grandstand, the concrete panels were removed and a painted chain-link fence now allows fans to look outside Wrigley while bringing in a ton of light. There were also major repairs done to the scoreboard, the brick wall down the left field line and the concrete ramps and steel structures – all part of a 10 year maintenance plan.

Murphy's is still the same. This is my favorite Wrigley Restaurant/Bar tucked across the street behind the bleachers.

Best of all, the Cub players get the benefit of some of the renovation with a new lounge, a larger weight room and remodeled kitchen. Also a nutritional consultant to aid in menu planning is now on staff. Ask Geovany Soto who after a sophomore slump that many blamed on his weight, lost 40 pounds, spiked up his hair and looked looks like a totally different person. He got a renovation, too!

Tom Ricketts said he and his family can really relate to the long-suffering fans of a team that has not won the World Series since 1908. Here is what fans had to say to that today!

And with all of the great new things going for the Cubs, including the owners, I’ll say it once again…this is going to be our year!

Bon Appetit from Wrigley Field and Happy Opening Day!

Oh...forgot to tell you...the hot dogs are still the same.

Now can anyone tell me why they always taste better at the ballpark?