Monday, March 28, 2011

Asian Pears - From Martini's to Kalabi Beef

I have never enjoyed an Asian Pear until today when I traveled down to the markets on Argyle Street to pick up a few for these recipes.

Asian Pears are generally shaped like apples and have the same crisp crunch as apples when you bite into them. They are so sweet that I was surprised at how much I liked the taste considering that they are really nothing to look at. They look a lot like a green apple – an ugly one. The exterior skin is very tough but inside…sweet obsession.

I used them in the Kalabi Beef recipe that follows and I also found this Asian Pear Martini that was deliciously refreshing with the combination of vanilla, ginger and Prosecco.

Prosecco - one of my favorite base ingredients for spring drinks.

Bon Appetit!

Asian Pear Martini
1 slice of fresh peeled ginger
1 large slice of Asian pear
2 ounces North Shore Tahitian Vanilla Vodka or other vanilla vodka.
Chilled Riondo Prosecco sparkling white wine
6 pieces candied ginger
2 cocktail spears

Muddle the fresh ginger, Asian pear and vanilla vodka together in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker half-full with ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Strain into two martini glasses and top with Prosecco. Garnish with 3 pieces of candied ginger on each cocktail spear.

I usually prepare my recipes, grocery list and a loose structure of a post by the middle of the week. Here it was Friday and I had done nothing and didn’t even have a clue what I was going to write about. This was a last minute discussion that stuck.
I am a sucker for Korean short ribs and love the sauces that are used to prepare them for grilling. This recipe combines the basics like soy sauce and ginger with red peppers and an interesting ingredient - citrus soda with an Asian pear.
This recipe is wonderful. I cooked them on my indoor grill after slow cooking them for 3 hours. You can also cook these outside over an open flame or in the oven under the broiler.

Kalabi Beef
Serves 4-6

3 lbs Flanken-style short ribs
1 Asian pear
1/2 a white or yellow onion
1 cup soy sauce
1 cup citrus soda
1 TBS freshly grated ginger
1/4 cup sesame oil
3 cloves garlic minced or pressed
2 TBS sesame seeds
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4 cup minced green onion

Place ribs in a large casserole dish and fill it with water until the ribs are covered. Let sit in the fridge at least 30 minutes, then pour off water and rinse the ribs and dish.

Return ribs to the casserole dish. Grate the flesh of an Asian pear and half of an onion over the ribs. Add all remaining ingredients to the ribs and use tongs stir marinade and make sure ribs are all soaking. Cover the dish and refrigerate overnight.

Slow cook in a 300 degree oven for 3 hours. Heat a grill to medium high heat. Use tongs to place ribs on the grill and cook for a few minutes on each side. Garnish with additional green onion and sesame seeds.

Serve with kimchee and rice.