Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Coat Of Paint

The end of February came and I was feeling sluggish and slightly overweight. I decided to go back on a modified version of the Fast Track Detox. For 10 days, I have eaten healthy, stopped drinking wine and coffee and eating sugar. Guess what? It was the perfect recipe to get me back on track.

Quite by accident, I really did give up a lot for lent this year (for a change) and plan to keep it up through the month of March.

March is a good time to throw on a coat of fresh paint – personally speaking- and get ready to welcome the long awaited season of spring.

What has helped me the most through the long, dreary winter?

7+ hours of treasured sleep each night on top of a heavenly featherbed under mounds of blankets and quilts with the thermostat turned down to 60.

Maybe that’s why the winter went so fast…I slept through most of it!