Sunday, August 15, 2010

Edzos Burger Shop

For anyone who didn’t notice that Eddie took a vacation for 10 days…get over it.

I walked in there yesterday at 10:30 AM because I was craving the Truffle Fries – with truffle salt and parmesan - and got my fix by 10:45 AM. P.S. Chef’s need vacations too!

He’s got a crucial theory on why the milkshakes taste so much better from his old malt machine - whips less air into the ingredients – and it reminded me that certain chefs just get it…and Eddie is one of them.

Eddie was there at the counter chatting with all the customers at the same time he was writing his food blog and probably thinking about another 20 ways to upgrade your burger. He spent a month or more perfecting his hamburger meat recipe and at least that much time making everything else perfect. And perfect it was…

Just one question?

Am I in trouble with Edzos being a block away from my office at 1571 Sherman Avenue in Evanston?

Does eating lunch at 10:30 AM answer that question?

Bon Appetit!