Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gaztro Wagon Rules

This curbside phenomenon pulled into the Rogers Park neighborhood at the Neugart block sale and I was there waiting. It arrived at 9:50 AM and by 10:00 AM they were selling Naan-wiches. Talk about a quick setup.
I savored every bite of the pork shoulder with cilantro, radish and queso fresco. Just like Mexico, I was eating pork for breakfast except this time it was in a Naan instead of a tortilla. I really liked the pork with the radish. I will be looking for the short ribs soon because I’ve heard that it is the chef’s specialty.

Gaztro Wagon is the mastermind of Chef Matt Maroni, who has been at the lead of the food truck revolution in Chicago and knows a thing or two about being in the right place at the right time. His truck, nicknamed Dorothy, is a can-be-anywhere operation 24/7 and he’s got the miles to prove it.

I parked myself on the steps of a nearby house to eat and Chef Maroni mouthed me from a distance asking how the pork sandwich was.I gave it an energetic thumbs up. This was seriously good food.

On Sunday, Lockwood's Phillip Foss, another chef who wants food trucks, will offer his latest inspirations with wife Kenni at Maroni's Gaztro-Wagon storefront at 5973 N. Clark. They will test out the magic for their newly formed Foss Family Food Trucks including some great doughnuts made in the style of Israeli Hannukah fritters called sufganiyot.

Get ready Chicago – great eats are soon to be mobile and just a twitter away!

Bon Appetit!