Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trial and Error: A Recipe

Did you know that all recipes are trial and error? Some are time-honored but many are a work in progress. All of them reflect some level of taste as well as what is accessible in a particular location or season.
We have all reworked recipes that we like better than the original and so they become “our” specialty and we pass them along from one generation to the next.

PROMISE never to tell grandma that! For all she knows, her recipe is the untouchable … and sometimes they are. Now and then you just can’t take a family classic to another level no matter how many times you try. It’s a classic.

The first time you take on a recipe, test the original. The second time, improve it if you can. The third time – of course it’s a charm so time to make it your own.

Bon Appetit!