Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finding Your Mojo

When I was sitting at CaféCito today, the long lines continued the entire time I was there. Just goes to show that someone with an absolute passion for food can make it in the restaurant business today if they really LOVE what they do. Prior to opening his cafe, Philip Ghantous was an actor with no kitchen experience at all.

Café Cito makes the best Cuban sandwiches in the city. Can I begin to count the sandwiches I want to try here because there are so many of them that look delicious.

The Cuban sandwich? First rule of thumb – it must have sliced ham, roasted pork (lechon asado), mustard, pickles and white cheese. They also must be eaten while standing so I will say all the more love for one of the world’s best sandwich creations.

I was intending to order the steak sandwich with the shoestring fries. It gave the impression that I might have a whole lot of calories to work off so I was happy to see that tilapia was on the menu…it gave me a healthier option. Besides that, my friend Dusanka raved about the tilapia.

The combination of the fish, the flavored mayo and the bread made this one of the best fish sandwiches I have ever had and yes, it literally did melt in your mouth.

Cubanos weigh in at about $5 - I paid $7 for mine and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Café Cito makes such surprising mayos and sauces and marinates all of its meat and fish in an original homemade mojo. And isn’t it what it’s all about. Finding your mojo?

I found mine at 26 East Congress.

Bon Appetit!