Monday, September 6, 2010

Sicilian Steak...A Red Wine Confession

I make this recipe often because it’s easy and the flavors are so rich. This is the recipe exactly as I was told to me by my Italian neighbor who never shares any of her family secrets. Hallelujah - IT TURNED OUT!

“Marinate the steak in the juice of half a lemon, plenty of fresh cracked pepper, virgin olive oil and sliced garlic. Heat a cast iron skillet and add some olive oil, and a little butter. Add in the steak and all the marinate liquid. Cook evenly on both sides. The trick here, if there is any, is to not add too much lemon juice, you do not want any one flavor to dominate the taste.”

The Daily Grind in Lake Bluff also makes this Sicilian Steak with breadcrumbs and a rich, mushroom gravy. I will try to figure that recipe out as it was delicious.

So, I am amazed that I got her to confess this much. A great bottle of red wine works wonders!

Bon Appetit!