Thursday, September 23, 2010

Year 1 - Photographs

As a photographer, I never thought about shooting food until I started Cupcakes and Crablegs.

It’s great to be photographing something I am so passionate about. Practice makes perfect as you can see my steady improvement this past year.

              Photo March, 2010

           Photo September, 2010

I’m excited that I have so much more to learn. Going back to school last year made me realize how much I love to learn new things. That’s also what I love about cooking…every new recipe is an adventure.

Capturing the moment is more than just making a great photograph. It’s all about the memory you had when you took the photo. Being in that specific place at the right time with authentic people (or food) and ideal light – well, that’s a great recipe for a perfect photo every time.

In fact, I look back at a photo and can often remember the smells associated with that particular shoot. While everyone is admiring the photograph, I am sniffing.

Bon Appetit and thanks for being a reader. It’s been such a fun year.