Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jicama...The Salad With The CRUNCH! Recipe: Jicama Salad

Jicama - pronounced (HEE-ka-mah) has been popular in Southwestern restaurants because chefs love the texture it brings to a recipe with its magnificent crunch.

I first had Jicama when I lived in Mexico and it was served as a snack with a variety of delicious sauces. It’s a staple in most Latin American diets and is commonly referred to as the Mexican Potato.

The last time we went to Frontera Grill, we shared an appetizer platter that was served in a big, beautiful silver bowl. Jicama was one of the sides and it was so crispy and enjoyable that it reminded me to try making a Jicama dish at home.

I used it today in a salad and cut matchstick size pieces of both cucumber and jicama and little chunks of oranges for a citrus flavor. I then sprinkled the salad with celery seed and key lime juice and serve as a side with grilled pork. This salad is so clean and fresh. I love this taste!

This is an exciting flavor and it made me long for a BBQ at my neighbor’s house.

She was so funny when I told her that she is having the crew over this weekend for a “I Survived Winter Bash” for which we are all making summer foods. Should be fun as I have forgotten what summer tastes like. Have you?

I’m making Key Lime Martini’s ….see the recipe in today’s posts.

Bon Appetit!