Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beat The Winter Ho Hums

If you are combating the winter ho hums, here are some of my rescues that remind me spring is right around the corner.

1. Take a sunny vacation to Mexico and if you can’t afford it take a mental vacation.

Make sure you go on that vacation with no plan, no itinerary and absolutely no reservations!

2. It’s winter so make it all about summer –

• Have friends over and treat them to strong margaritas…go ahead, it’s summer in February so you’re entitled to a few or three or four.

• Buy a new bathing suit. The good news: you have 60 days to fit into it!

• Have a party and invite all of your friends over to enjoy the summer recipe you BBQ on your new indoor grill. I have talked you into one, haven’t I?

• Go ice fishing with your brothers…wear your new bathing suit? Did anyone mention polar bear plunge?

• Have a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest…I can so win this one!
3. Set goals – I happen to decide all of my running goals for the year in February.

4. Cook a new dish – select an awe-inspiring cookbook and say you are going to cook the dish on page 22 and do it. Hope it’s not yucky.

5. Write in your personal journal and be sure to draft big dreams and plans. Then draft a game plan to achieve them.

6. Take a class ...and I don’t mean on the internet. Learning something novel and seeing some fresh faces will give you a whole new perspective on surviving the remainder of the winter.

7. Hand out Dove promises all day to strangers. Promise you will make a lot of new friends.

8. Start a food fight with anyone who is interested in having fun and getting dirty…it will nourish you.

9. Feng Shui your house and you’ll get a whole new view on the great indoors.

10. How to Simplify Your Life? - Toss out your junk. I got rid of half of everything I owned several years back and I have felt liberated ever since. Did I miss anything? Only one thing…for about 5 minutes.

11. Stay in your blue fuzzy PJ’s all day and bake cookies. Don’t forget to put those cookies into the pockets of friends the next day.

12. Change all the music on your Ipod. Music is one of the things that defines you.

13. Watch cartoons all morning on Cookie Jar TV!