Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wildflour Bakery...Too Close For Comfort!

Last week, I demolished a Dreamsicle cupcake. Remember Dreamsicles? My local bakery, the Wildflour Bakery in Lake Bluff, makes them and I’m pretty sure this is one of my new favorite cupcakes… at least it will be after Lent.

I will see you at the bakery ( 14 East Scranton Avenue in Lake Bluff) on April 5th. My treat!

Here are two more of my NEW favorites that they just came up with this week: Lemon Meringue and Turtle. What will they dream up next?

I really LOVE these cupcakes. They have an interesting frosting and filling. Will probably have to add a few more miles to my run since this bakery is too close for comfort (one block and counting the steps!).

Bon Appetit!