Saturday, February 27, 2010

Minneapolis Photo Center

There is a gigantic difference in knowing how to shoot fashion so this was all new to me. I am a food photographer.

My sister Judy and I headed down to the center to photograph her line and to get a jump start on her new site. Did I mention that it will be my first site? Excited.

Orie, the center’s owner took time to show me how to get the lighting set up to make every shot perfect. I had never used studio lights before so he gave me a quick lesson. You can tell that Orie is so passionate about photography. He is also an avid chef and frequently prepares lunch for his guests. Judy declined his invitation for a little lunch. Drat! She piped in before I did. It looked so good!

Can’t tell you what a difference this day made on my perspective on photography.

I have always been a purist (yes - it took me forever to convert from film to digital) and wanted to do everything in natural light. Now, I have discovered that with studio lighting, I can create a stunning mix and I am not restricted to the time of day that I take my shots.

I shot everything on manual including the focus – which took me some getting use to because I did not have my contact lenses in. The results: amazing – and with just one large softbox, I suddenly became a big fan of studio lighting.

Minneapolis Photo Center has classes, exhibits and equipment rental for every level of photographer. They have four levels of membership and if I lived in Minneapolis, that is where I would LIVE!

Check out the website at and sign up to become a member.